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Big or small, funny or complex; stories that shine a light on the compelling themes of today’s world demand to be told.
Under the creative leadership of Phillip Penza, Little Books Little Films brings these great stories to the screen. We are dedicated to helping those with dreams, passion and he belief in themselves to achieve the unachievable.

Our team offers a full menu of services for writers including author support, ISBN assignment, cover design, copyright registration, editing,publishing and much more. If you have a story to tell, we have screen writer to help create your film. Have a script? We are here to help you bring it to life


Phillip Penza is an up and coming actor and filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY.

Growing up in a humble home raised by a single mother with his three siblings, Phillip learned a great deal about life at a very young age. By 10 years old he realized he must become the man of the house and worked for a week to earn a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

He was always very artistic with innovative ideas and a savvy sense of business. As early as junior high school Phillip was running his own businesses. Being told all his life by his mother that he was born under a lucky star and by his father that he was nobody, Phillip set out at the age of 16 and joined the Army.

As he had fought nearly everyday growing up just for the color of his skin, Phillip became a strong fighter. While in the Army he took up boxing and fought the best of the Navy, Marines and Air Force. After leaving the Army, Phillip moved to Iowa to continue his boxing career and ultimately go to college.

In 1995 after living in Arizona for several years, Phillip designed the original docking station called “Bike Tunes” for which he holds the patent.

In 2003 Phillip moved to Oregon where he started a few businesses including a nutrition and fitness studio. The success of this business brought Phillip in front of the camera on ABC’s morning show in Portland, AM Northwest. During this time, Phillip used any free time to write and create.

While writing a book “My Name is Nobody,” Phillip met Emmy Award Winning Producer David A. Rosemont during a flight from Arizona to Oregon. After reconnecting a few years later, David read Phillip’s book. He asked if the story was true or had Phillip used dramatic licensing. Phillip said he did use some dramatic licensing but the base of the story was true. In 2013 Phillip decided to make his book into a movie, and Little Books Little Films was born.

Diving head first into his new production company, Phillip wrote, directed, produced and starred in “My Name is Nobody.” Immediately following this first production, Phillip wrote, directed, produced and acted in his vampire creation “Real Blood: The True Beginning.”

During this time there was a lot of publicity with public shootings and many people around the world were affected. This inspired Phillip to write “Movie Madness,” a dark thriller about a mass shooting. Phillip wanted to do his part to spread the word that we all must help each other, be aware of our surroundings and to treat everyone equally.

In 2015 Phillip created the lifestyle talk show “Bikini Body Conscious Living,” an entertaining show comprised of segments with an exercise of the day, a tasty meal tutorial in the kitchen, a panel discussion with relevant popular topics, and a celebrity interview. He traveled with his team of hosts and interviewed people including Coco, Jose Canseco, Big Daddy Kane, Michael Montgomery, Kool Moe Dee, Lorenzo Lamas, Pete Rose and many more.

In 2016 Phillip began writing “Scrutiny,” an episodic TV series based on true stories of the lives of three women. It has been described as “Sex in the City” meets “The Sopranos”, a bit risqué with drama and a touch of violence and humor.

While promoting his productions during AFM (American Film Market) 2017 in Santa Monica, Phillip was approached by one of his actors that had read “My Name is Nobody”. He told Phillip he felt the book was great, but that he must be at battle with himself. Phillip looked at him and paused, then said yes. This actor then said that’s the making of a great movie, you battling yourself. Hence came “Fire and Rain” in 2018. Phillip wrote, directed, produced and starred in this emotional drama.

While editing Fire and Rain, Phillip was out resting at his pool one day and woke up to a mountain lion napping next to him at his home in the desert. After surviving the startling moment, he decided to write a horror movie based on the theme of the pool, “Water” was brought to life.

Although writing, acting and filmmaking are his passions, Phillip takes the greatest pride in being a father first. Now that his children are grown, Phillip has decided to dedicate the remainder of his career to storytelling